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I know it's cliche, but it's true ...
  • Mood: Hopeless
I'm doing my best to work through this. Drawing helps. Thanks so much for all the kind words and comments, guys.
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101 Siblings by Dead-Raccoons
101 Siblings
Well, 15 actually ...

Soooo ... I was challenged (in a way) by the excellent NY-Stray (check her out; she's awesome) to draw Pongo and Perdita's 15 biological puppies from one of my favorite movies "101 Dalmatians" (the 1961 version) - all grown up! Of course, I used elements from other incarnations or the film - such as Two-Tone's design from the animated series as well as Jewel's design from the live action movie. I also used NY-Stray's "final 3 unnamed pups" which she christened "Dabble," "Spots" and "Paw-Print." Here's to hoping she doesn't mind. :D

Clockwise from top:

Pawprint: A rather lazy female who does only just enough to get by and get treats.
Dabble: A real terror of a dog; he takes no crap from his bossy brothers.
Dipstick: A goofball who isn't too bright, but always fun-loving.
Two-Tone: A creative loner.
Patch: Self-assured, confident and a bit bossy, he's taking over Pongo's role as pack leader as the old patriarch ages.
Penny: Definitely the mother-hen of the siblings, taking on Perdita's role as the matriarch gets older.
Wizzer: A scrappy outcast no one seems to tolerate - except his sister, Jewel.
Jewel: Pongo and Perdy's vainest pup, she's looked down on for her lofty airs. She is, however, a loyal friend to her brother, Wizzer.
Fidget: One heck of a nervous dog! And who can blame him. He's often the brunt of jokes and pranks. He hangs out with Pepper and Freckles for protection though they make fun of him behind his back.
Lucky: A real lady's dog. Self-assured and an incurable flirt, he has a high opinion of himself. He's also Pongo's "favorite" of the litter, earning him the resentment on his siblings.
Cadpig: The smallest of the lot. Dreamy, bubbly and intuitive, she doesn't hesitate to advise others - whether its asked for or not.
Rolly: A simple dog who enjoys good food, a warm bed and easy-living. He is cheerful and loyal, however, to his best friends Lucky and Cadpig.
Freckles & Pepper: Inseparable siblings from birth. Two rambunctious dogs with play and pranks (mostly on their brother, Fidget) constantly on their minds.
Spots: A destructive digger by nature - sly and mischievous.

101 Dalmatians belongs to Dodie Smith, Disney.
The concept for "Dabble," "Spots," and "Paw-Print" belong to NY-Stray.
Art, me.
Catz by Dead-Raccoons
I've been through a recent rough patch. Since this summer, I've had my first pregnancy and miscarriage. To say it's been a hard three months is a laughable understatement - it's more like I can't imagine a hell hotter.
During this time, around my birthday, about a week after my miscarriage, this lady I barely know sends me a cake and a blanket and her unwarranted compassion. And that's it. She just showed me she cares. She didn't bring up the miscarriage. She didn't say something like, "Oh, you'll have more." or "Oh, God had a reason for this." or any of those things I've been hearing multiple times for the past three months. She just reached out to me and said through actions and words, "You're special. I care." I made her this for her kindness and also because I love cats.
They're my favorite animal and I feel connected to them on an almost spiritual level. The dark brown brute is my mom's hellion Donald and the little fat tabby lady sitting next to him is her other cat, Callie. Callie doesn't really seem to like me, but throughout this whole ordeal she's started sitting in my lap in the evenings at Mom's and purring. That's it. Just purring. It's her way of saying the same thing the kind lady said: "You're special. I care."
Art, me.
Depressed ... worse than I've ever been.
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United States
I'm a young married woman living and working as a small town journalist/photographer in the Southeastern U.S.
I love cats, walks on autumn days, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico at 5 a.m. and riding along country roads playing rock on the car radio.
I'm a self-proclaimed music guru and a freshman animator seeking to improve my skillz.
My favorite food is Pad Thai - the national dish of Thailand.
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I know it's cliche, but it's true ...
  • Mood: Hopeless

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